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2009 Comrades Marathon Videos(Page 1)

This page is a work in progress, please be patient, as I have lots of video footage to upload, and initially a lot of it will be unedited.

This page was last updated on the 19th June 2009, and please come back regularly, to check what content I have added.

The purpose of this page is two fold:

1-To try and convey the atmosphere of the Comrades Marathon to those who have never experienced it.

2-For those who have experienced it, to remind them of the atmosphere of Comrades.

The Bonitas Expo:

This video is a 'walk thru' of the Bonitas Comrades Expo, which is held in Durban for the 3 Days prior to the Comrades Marathon. Bonitas are a heathcare insurance fund in South Africa. Music: 'Speedway at Nazareth' by Mark Knopfer.

The 'International Runners' course tour:

This is unedited footage taken on the 2009 course tour, of the Comrades Marathon Course.(22nd May 2009).

It starts with the Children of Pietermaritzburg dancing on the lawns of Comrades House, then it shows the bus stop at the Enthembeni School, which is a school for the physical disabled, and where the 'International Runners' donated over R11,000.Then some footage of Comrades wall is shown, and finally a walk though the finish complex at Kings Mead Stadium

At the end, I have added some footage of the start line taken on Saturday 23rd May 2009.

The 'National Youth Run'(23rd May 2009)

This is a recent initiative of the CMA, where both a 5km and 10km road race, mainly for Children is run on the day before Comrades. Almost 5,000 participated in 2009, and as the video shows, some big kids run as well.

I was recently asked what my highlight of Comrades was, and I said, "The National Youth Day Run". Maybe I said this, because this was my 4th Comrades, and that 'Shock and Awe' which Comrades has I have become familiar with, or maybe it was being in amongst the youth of South Africa, feeling their enthusiasm and optimism, knowing that this is the future of South Africa, and from what I saw, it is in good hands.

This Youth Day run wouldn't be possible with out the foresight, work and dedication of former Comrades winner Cheryl Winn and her enthusiastic team of helpers.

Mighty Mark and the Children of Durban

"Mighty Mark", is Mark Bloomfield, the 1st International Ambassador appointed by the CMA. Mark represents the CMA's interests in the USA.

In his other life, Mark is an economic analyst, based in Washington DC, and besides being seen pontificating on BBC World, one of his BBC appearance will be used in an up and coming Hollywood Blockbuster.

Athletically, Mark is not as fast as he used to be(In fact some call him the worlds slowest American), and although recent medical issues have stopped him running Comrades, he still makes the annual trip to South Africa, helping out where he can during Comrades week. These efforts by Mark, earn't him one of the 2008 'Spirit of Comrades' awards, and this was only the 3rd time it had been awarded to a non South African.

But Mark is equally at home with the Children of South Africa, as this video shows. The last scenes are Mark presenting 'Obama' hats, which Mark brought from the USA for the race winners.

Kabelo's speech to the children of Durban:

At the 2009 Runners World Pasta Party, I was introduced to "Kabelo" and "Koula", and both of them and my host were mildly surprised that I didn't show any recognition of who they were. I have since found out that Koula is the No 1 DJ, in South Africa, who just happens to have 3 Comrades Medals, and Kabelo, is the No 1 South African Singer(Kwaito Singer), with his own record label and 4 Comrades medal.(Both of them probably dismissed me as an 'Ignorant Australia', because in South Africa, both of them are Superstars.)

But on the Saturday Morning at the National Youth Run, I discovered that there was more to Kabelo than met the eye.While 'Western Singers', give concerts in our capital city's talking about the problems of Africa, Kabelo, lives in Africa, and is daily confronted by and has experienced these problems, and is using all of his influence to solve the problems.

His story is best told by himself in the following video, and please take the time to listen to the whole clip.

I doubt whether any '1st World Star', would bare his/her soul in front of fans, and young fans as were present here, as Kabelo did.

What really impressed me was the response from the Children, and while South Africa has people like Kalebo, leading by example, from the front, there is a future for South Africa

The Pre-start and Start:

This is a mixture of my Handicam and SABC footage of the 2009 start(Posted here on the 2nd April 2010):

Lady in Pink:

This is the end of my 2009 videos.

My 2010 Comrades video's can be found by clicking here.