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Amit is a dear friend from Mumbai, India. He like a significant number of Comrades Runners do not come from an 'Athletic Background'.

Amit, is a great writer, and writes to me and his network of running friends(World Wide).

He writes about his races, his travels and his training, and as you will see, he writes from the heart, with passion.

To better understand where Amit's 'Comrades Journey' started, please read his race story's in order, from his 2009 Two Oceans story, to his 2009 Comrades Story, then onto his 2010 Comrades Journey.

I will also add his training story's when I have more time.

Amit, through his enthusiasm, was rewarded by the CMA(Comrades Marathon Association), as being appointed their 1st Ambassador to India, and as you will see from his writings, it was a wise decision by the CMA.

Amit's Running Story's:

Click here for Two Oceans 2008

Click here for Comrades 2009

Click here for Comrades 2010

Amit's Training Story's:

This will be added later.