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Comrades Polos/Golfers,Jackets and Caps


Below are various options for Australian/Comrades clothing.

Please Click here for Australian Singlet and T-Shirt options:

We do not keep any stock(except for the caps, and now I have white with black embroidery as well) as we get these made "on demand".

As we embroider your name on the Polo's/Golfers and Jackets, please make sure you have ordered the correct size, as once you pay and its embroidered, you own it.

The embroidered Polo/Golf Shirts have Gold piping/trim in the mens sizes and we match the colour with the embroidering we do.

The female version has a choice of either Gold or Pink piping, and again we match the embroidering.

The jackets do not have piping, so you can choose your colour for the embroidering (unless you have a good reason, please keep your choice to Gold or Pink to make my life easier)

We also add the 'Australian Flag' to the front, but on request we can change this to the country of your choice, and if the flag of your choice is not in the suppliers data base, we can leave it off, and you can get it done independently elsewhere.

Personally, I use the Jacket as both a Tracksuit top, and for keeping warm while flying to South Africa.

With the Polo's, I have 2. One to wear, and the other one being washed, so everyday in South Africa, I have one to wear.

These Polo's and Jackets, make you instantly recognisable at the Airport, inflight and elsewhere as a Comrades runner other Comrades runners(who you may not know will seek you out.)

If you want to place an order, please email me with your order, and I'll arrange payment details(Normally via an internet transfer).

I(Bruce) can be contacted as follows:

Email, by clicking here.

Australian Mobile Phone: 0433 242 748

International Cell Phone: +61 433 242 748

The Prices and Sizes:

The prices are:

All prices are PLUS postage

Polo/Golf Shirts: $AUD85-00

Jackets: $AUD100-00

Caps: $AUD20-00(Delivery Free, if packaged with an other item), otherwise $AUD10-00 for postage

They will come in the following common sizes:

Mens Sizes: S / M / L / XL/XXL etc

Womens Sizes: 6/ 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 etc

Please specify the Colour Combination you want.


All prices are PLUS postage:

Postage rates are:

For trackable post (thats what we use for our Jackets and Polos/Golfers, its $15-00 for 1 or 2 items (please add $5-00 for the 3rd item).

For 4 or more items, we will get a quote for the freight charge for you.

International Post/Freight: This is becoming increasing expensive, and we will get you a quote, once we know what you would like to order, however if you have a friend/relation in Australia who is going to visit you soon, then delivering to an Australian Address is the best way of doing this.

Alternatively, I can bring your order to South Africa and you can pick it up from me in the Durban Hilton.

Refund Policy: If your name is embroidered on the item, there is "No Refund".

Email, by clicking here.

Australian Mobile Phone: 0433 242 748

International Cell Phone: +61 433 242 748

The Clothing:

Our Comrades Caps:

These are 'light weight racing caps', as opposed to the heavier(hotter) American style 'Baseball Caps'.

They also come in White with Black embroidery.: