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Older Comrades Video Clips

This is the page, where people who find old video tapes in a long forgotten boxes, forward them to me, and I do by best to save them.

The 1985 Comrades Marathon:

This is part of a 3 clip series and shows the highlights of the 1985 Comrades Marathon as aired on Channel 9 Australia in 1985 on their "Wide World of Sports" programme. The Channel 9 Studio commentators are Mike Gibson(Career Sports Commentator) , Ian Chappell(Former captain of the Australian Cricket Team), and Max 'Tangles' Walker, (former fast bowler in the Australian Cricket team). I've left the studio commentators in the clip, as a reminder of how these shows were actually conducted, and how certain sections of the Australian community viewed the Political situation in South Africa at the time.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: