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Sydney Marathon(22nd September 2013)

The Official Webpage:

The official webpage can be found by clicking here.

How to get there?

Sydney is the major international gateway by air, and all major international carriers have regular services(mostly daily) into Sydney.

Domestically, all three(3) airlines service Sydney, and their websites are:


Virgin Blue


Most NSW based regional airlines also use Sydney Airport.

Once there, the Airport is about 15km from the CBD, and there are ‘Hotel Bus Shuttles’, as well as a Train(from both the domestic and international terminals), as well as Taxi’s.

In early 2009, a Taxi fare to the CBD was in the range of $AUD to $AUD, and the train cost about $AUD.Note: If you use the train DO NOT buy a return ticket, as the 2nd half of the ticket must be used on the same day, and you will be staying a little bit longer.

Where to Stay?

The race start is Northern side of the Harbour Bridge(Near Milstons Point Railway Station), and the Finish is on the Southern side(The Opera House).

While you could stay on the north side of the Bridge, I much prefer the southern side, because when the race is over, its easier to get back to your Hotel.

Sydney has an efficient Train system(underground in the CBD area), and Taxi's are everywhere. I'm told the bus system is also good, but I've never been able to solve the mystery of where bus's come and go from in any city I've visited(or lived), so you are on your own with the bus system.

If you stay on the south side of the bridge you will need to either catch a train or walk to the start.(The Bridge closes early on Marathon Day, and the Harbour Tunnel exit won't get you very close to the start.

The bridge is 1.6km(1 mile) long, so if you walk, you will be warmed up.

Suburbs such as Potts Point, Kings Cross(Red Light District), Darlinghurst, Surrey Hills, Haymarket, Ultimo, Glebe,Darling Harbour(The location of the Casino), The Rocks and the CBD, all have good access to Trains, Taxi's and Restaurants etc.

If you stay further afield, make sure you have access to trains.

Places like Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Coogee Beach etc, are NOT on the rail network.

Suitable accommodation can be found by Click here

The Race:

Sydney, with the ‘Old Grey Coat Hanger’ and the “White Sails”, otherwise known as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, is the most readily identifiable Australian city to international tourists, and the Sydney Marathon Course, doesn’t disappoint, by being the only race to run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and finish on the forecourt of the Opera House.

The course also passes, Lady Macquaries Chair, the CBD, Hyde Park, Centennial Park and the Darling Harbour Precinct.

With all of that scenery, you icon probably won’t notice that there are some hills, whilst not big and extreme, are just a little bit tougher than most other city Marathons have, and the second half of the course is a little harder than the first half. But hey, what do you expect? Sydney has a magnificent Harbour because it has some hills.(I know this, because I have studied geomorphology!)

But “Hills are Friends”, and this is the “Sydney Marathon”

Back in the 1980’s I ran 5 Sydney Marathons on different variations of the course, and more recently I ran it in 2006. But since them, the course has been temper by removing some of the hills(Australian’s spare no expense to make a great Marathon course).

There is also a Half Marathon, 9km and 4km run/walk associated with this race.

The Sydney weather details can be found by clicking here

Other Things to do.

I've been visiting Sydney once or twice a year since 1982, almost always staying in or near the CBD, and never have run out of things to do.

Sydney has a lot to offer, and the 'hop on hop off' tour buses are the best way of seeing the greater City Area.

You can ride the Harbour Commuter Ferry's to various locations.

You can hire a car to travel further afield, or take a day tour to the Blue Mountains, Wollongong, or lots of other destinations.

The following videos will give you an insight to what is to be seen: